About Jenny Marie

Entrepreneur & CFO Consultant

Jenny's bookkeeping experience started at a Property Management company right after college. After that, she worked at a Financial company in the Bronx. From there, she learned Quickbooks at a CPA firm in Westchester, NY.  Finally, she started her own business in 2009 as a Licensed Business Consultant who increased profit with organization. In three years of working with Small Business Owners, she eliminated thousands worth of debt, increased income and profit (with averages of 24% yearly) and helped owners achieve their goals of making millions.


She is a Certified Quickbooks Proadvisor, has over 10 years experience in business consulting and 20 years in money management. She now offers a a "FundYourGoals" service called CFO Consulting for qualified clients.

Her team focuses on getting individuals and businesses to achieve their life goals by offering these customized services.

End Results:


A Financial System that allows us to:

  • Manage your money effectively

  • CPA to do efficient tax returns

  • CPA to catch all deductions 

  • Correct conditions to be applied

  • Pay bills on time

  • Identify discrepancies early

  • Review and eliminate debt

  • Face and overcome challenges

  • Face and control your finances

  • Achieve financial and life goals


Why CFO Consulting?

It can help with

Not Enough Money

It's been proven that putting order into the financial area, helps you increase income.

Racking Up the Debt

We put together a system that helps you increase profit and eliminate debt.

Not Achieving Financial Goals

The accountability aspect of our system is one of the most valued services we provide. Client's are achieving goals they weren't prior to working with us. We focus on the bigger picture with you.

No Organization

We get your finances in order so you know exactly where you stand.

Financial Stress

Two is always better than one. Conquer the stress with a professional consultant.

Spending Too Much

Identify where money is going and work towards a specific plan we outline to increase profit.



“Before I started working with Jenny my finances were a mess. The former book-keeper left eight months of backlogged work for us to sort out. It was a nightmare, but Jenny helped me get through it in time for tax season and ever since then we have kept up with the Quickbooks on a weekly basis. Jenny even breaks down exactly what my company made versus how much was spent so I can modify my expenses and budget accordingly. She is a GOD SEND!”

— C.C. Chiropractor

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